Holistic Accompaniment


What silently I have endured,
has shaken me so deeply.
No longer shall it lie unheard,
as I long to be free at last -
reconnected, embodied, alive.

For deep inside I may have known:
I am good as I am
and can be with what is.

Becoming alive again

Traumatic experiences split off memories and with them energy and vitality. While back then, this was an important mechanism of surviving does not serve us any longer today, but burdens us. We do not have access to a big share of our strength and vitality which we need in order to lead and shape our lives as we would like to. Regarding long-lasting traumatic experience during early childhood, people can even experience a splitting up of their inner world into different inner personalities.

Integrating a trauma and thus healing it to some extent or even completely is a complex and multi-layered process. It is a mutual approach to understanding, an allowing and letting happen, following the rhythm of the moment.

The basis of my healing work is my basic attitude towards life - on a higher level we are always already whole and healed (feel free to read more about my attitude here). We are all on our way and meet each other with humility and mindfulness.