Holistic Accompaniment

Loss of Loved Ones & Angel Babies

Wherever my body and mind may wander -
you are with me,
right in my heart,
a part of me,
as part now of everything.
Your heart and ours are tied together
with golden threads of love uncounted,
for all eternity.

People in grief

When a loved one dies, the whole life turns upside down. Grief brings an intense and often painful process of change that encompasses our whole being.

Our grief and our love are so great. Many different feelings arise, they come in waves, raising many questions. During this time, it is a challenge for the mourners to take good care of themselves and to be attentive to their inner boundaries.

Our relationship with the loved one goes through a fundamental change because our love has to and will find new ways. When we have found them,  spaces of gratitude will open up, because we feel that we are still together and that life is so rich and full that it encompasses joy and pain. As in the song I love very much: "Be still and know that day and night, be still and know that dark and light are one holy circle. Be still and know that sun and rain, be still and know that dark and pain are one holy circle."

The social environment of mourners often reacts overwhelmed. Thus, many of them do not receive the understanding and loving support they desire.

I would be happy to accompany you on your way.

Angel Babies

Infants that pass away during early or late pregnancy, around birth or in their early days are referred to as Angel Babies. This term gives grieving parents a simple way to reference their loss, so most of them prefer it over the medical term of either miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal death.

Losing a baby is an extremely difficult experience for everyone involved, especially for the parents. They often experience that their grief is not taken seriously, is comforted away or made a taboo. They have to reorganise themselves as a family while everyday life needs to go on, especially if there are other children in the household.
The desire for a sibling may arise, along with all the questions and challenges that getting pregnant and being pregnant again can bring.

I am a mother of an Angel Baby myself and mother of two siblings that came afterwards (often referred to as "rainbow children") - so I am familiar with the many challenges, the ups and downs you are facing. I will be happy to support you on your journey as a parent, couple and family. Feel free to contact me for a session online or in person in Berlin.
If you are interested in taking part in an English-speaking group for mourning parents, please write in as well, for I plan to offer online groups in English, too.