Holistic Accompaniment

Individual sessions

In times of crisis and development, a loving, mindful and professional accompaniment can be a valuable help on your very own path of healing and reconnection.

My accompaniment

In individual counselling there is space for you as you are, with your thoughts, feelings and body sensations. In an atmosphere of trust and security, everything is allowed to be, is accepted and held, can be looked at, felt through and transformed. We meet at eye level, from person to person, from heart to heart.

Thanks to my sensitivity, I perceive you in your wholeness and meet you where you are at the moment. At the same time, I support you with my clarity in taking your own steps.

My experience and various trainings enable me to flexibly feel into what is needed in the respective situation. The possibilities and tools include conversation, coaching, energetic work, sound healing as well as systemic trauma therapy. Together we follow the moment and what feels right for you.

In my accompaniment, the connection with the body and the breath plays an important role. Our body and our heart connection show us the way, because here we perceive the impulses that arise inside of us. And we need our body to integrate and ground after we have worked. This includes not only the physical level but also the emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

You are welcome as a human being, just as you are - regardless of your age, origin or ethnicity, gender or sexual identity and orientation, faith, religion or spiritual orientation, aspects of your physical or mental health and any diagnosis.

Couples are also welcome! Together, we can work out the emotional dynamics playing out between you and then disentangle and dissolve the patterns that are behind them. This gives space for your hearts to reconnect on a new and deeper level.

Heart Space

Heart to heart,
language beyond words,
encounter in the space of now.
All gates open up,
I listen, feel and wonder.

Can it really be so simple?
But my doubts dissolve
in my feelings.
The path disappears,
nothing left to do.

Old pain arises,
still asleep in my cells.
It is allowed to be
in my heart, open-doored,
so vast and deep it embraces all.

My whole being blossoms
and begins to flow.
Yes! This is how I’m meant to be!
A big heart, full of joy and gratitude.

Practical questions

My accompaniment can be a single session as an impulse or several meetings over a longer period of time. Especially in trauma healing, we usually need time for a longer journey together.

Appointments are possible in person in Berlin-Wilmersdorf, in nature "walk to talk", online via Zoom or by phone.

If your mother tongue is Polish, Russian or Spanish, you can also speak in your language.

Please feel free to contact me for a first max. 20 minute talk via phone in order to get to know each other. Here we can clarify everything you need to know to decide whether you want to work with me: Your request and your wishes, the time and financial framework.

Please note: If you are unable to keep an appointment you have already made, please call me at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise you will need to pay for the full time reserved.