Holistic Accompaniment

Poem "Great loving Heart"

by Inga Ohlsen

This poem I wrote already in 2018 and it fell into my hands today. It fits so well into these times, where we are challenged over and over again to let go of the old and open our heart wider and wider.

Great loving Heart

The horizon lies before me
in all its infinite vastness.
The waves are rolling up into my heart
each one carrying away a piece of the old.

I whisper "goodbye"
bowing my head in gratitude
for everything that has crossed my way.
My tears are purifying me,
and my wish for forgiveness is answered.

Nothing shall remain restraining me,
my pain softens and melts away.
I want to be free,
directing my eyes towards the new.

So I look around me.
And where before there was narrowness,
never fully realized,
now stretches a wide and spacious land.

No railing shall guide me any more,
nor tracks in the sand,
to step into.

Only the voice of longing,
sounding and burning so deeply.

Thus my heart grows beyond itself
and I marvel at its aliveness.

Finally I can see and feel:
my search is over.
No longer need I to prove myself,
because my way leads there,
where I already am.

I relax into being,
letting come through me
what wants to take form.

I am these waves,
I am this path.
I am the sadness, the joy,
the longing, the pain.

Not I walk the way,
the way walks me.
Becoming and being
a great loving heart.

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