Holistic Accompaniment

Poem "Butterfly Heart - the New World's Sound"

by Inga Ohlsen

The new year has begun - new possibilities and paths are opening up. With this poem I invite you to welcome the new world inside of you, feel the seeds in your heart that want bloom in this year. May the new year bring you and all of us many blessings, joy and togetherness!

Butterfly Heart - the New World's Sound

The new world wants to come.

What does it look like?

I can already feel it.

It buzzes around me like a butterfly,

luring me with shimmering colours,

with beauty and light joy.

How often have I dreamed of it,

the potential in myself and in us humans!

The darkness, narrowness, powerlessness and pressure

of these times we are living -

perhaps it was needed

to ignite the spark

that makes our hearts vibrate,

that lifts us from our slumber,

ignites our love for creation.

Come to me, you butterfly,

Hear my prayer of longing:

I am now ready to give myself completely,

so that my dream may become a reality:

We stand together,

with our eyes and our hearts

directed towards the new world.

United in trust, in freedom and peace

we create that which blossoms within us.

Countless hearts connect,

their web of light spans around Mother Earth.

And deep within me I recognise:

The delicate beat of the butterfly’s wings

is the sound of my own heart beating.

Path and  goal meet in my inner world.

Everything is already there.

So I join in

into the great song,

into the one sound

which is everything

that ever was and that ever will be

in eternity.


Inga Elisabeth Ohlsen

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