Holistic Accompaniment

Poem "Blooming Way"

by Inga Ohlsen

Being in this world which is so different from the world I dream of. Not to sink into desperation, but to take up the courage, to keep on going together with others - this is what my new poem is about.

Two expressions are inspired through the work of Dr. Jacqueline Hobbs - Oracle Girl. If you would like to deepen your understanding of these, I recommend you to listen to the Reboot Tracks on her homepage: "Heart seeds" and "Saying yes to the infinity spark". All tracks will be sent to you via e-mail based on a donation starting with 0 Euro.

Blooming Way

Again and again, it wells up in me,

a desperate pain

that this world is so…

that humans are so…


No words for its depth

and how strongly I feel it.

And the question: Where is the sense,

when everything is so…

Where is my sense,

when I am so different?


Because I know:

The world is different.

And I know

that humans are different.


Not my head,

but my heart holds this knowing,

it comes from the power

that flows through it,

that created it and keeps it alive,

the spark of infinity.


It knows that everything is different.

It knows, too, how everything is diffent.

Through intuition and images

it speaks to me

that come from beyond time and space.


Its power works out of me,

it carries and leads me

through valleys and storms,

as within, so without,

as above, so below.


And my „no“ to that

which is not meant to be
dissolves and purifies all

that does not belong.


And I realize now:

Never am I alone.

My heart power

is but one of the lights

in an ocean of luminosity.


This tidal wave of togetherness

sounds and radiates

into vast infinity,

paving its way into our true being.


And back comes to me

this tender sound,

the echo of our new world rising,

a world that springs but from pure love alone.


I’m part of its becoming,

that’s why I came here.

All parts come together

and all makes sense.


My deepest pain,

it was but the mud

from which the lotus rises to blossom.


The darkness was needed

for the ripening, resting –

and now they are ready,

the seeds of my heart.


I spread them out,

they will flourish and bloom,

with their right

and golden timing.

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